Beautiful Places To See in Oman (Weekend Itinerary)

Ive been to Oman for a good few times but I must say this trip stood out. Well, I did not do a proper tour of Oman before so I’m so surprised to find what’s actually just a few hours drive from its capital city Muscat.

And imagine, this is only a fraction of what the country can offer!

Bani Wadi Khalid


For us residing in Dubai, Muscat is either a half an hour flight or a 4.5 hrs drive. Oman offers a visa on arrival for GCC residents however restrictions apply to non-degree related professions. Visa fee is 20 Omani Riyals.



If you drove to the capital then youre sorted. As for us, we rented a car upon arrival at the airport. You would also need a map which has been made easy for us these days thanks to Google Maps. Prior to leaving Dubai, we downloaded Oman as an offline map, so we dont get charged roaming and data  and other fees. Also, before we headed on, we popped by at one of the supermarkets to stock up some water and snacks for the road.

Here’s the route we used for this trip.


TIP: Dont forget to drop pins on  petrol stations 😅

Things To See:



This is one of the must-see attractions in Oman and its only a few minutes away from the airport. The extravagant design is comparable to the grand mosque in Abu Dhabi. Everywhere you take a photo there was stunning, just keep in mind not to come on a Friday, because they close the mosque for tourists.



An hour and a half drive after from the mosque, welcome to Bimmah Sinkhole! The water in the pool as you can see are in a unique shade of vibrant turquoise, and yours truly got to swim in this beauty. There were these little fish which nibbled on our toes. Kinda like at those fish spas, but guess what it was for free!


Before we even got to the sinkhole, we were actually lucky to discover a small beach behind it, who are we to complain!


This was 20 monutes away from the sinkhole, and our final stop for the day. This is one of the beautiful wadis they have here in Oman. The word “wadi” means “valley” that is filled with water during a heavy rainfall.

Driving there was downhill and it looked like the place actually fills with water. 😱 We also came across with some locals who were having an amazing afternoon there. By this time we had our late lunch, our delicious packed sandwiches, hehe!

Along the way, we also bumped into some goats (not literally) trying to beat the heat! And more impressive sceneries. ❤️


We then headed to Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve for dinner and to rest for the evening. It took us about another  hour and a half to get there. After the well deserved dinner and a relaxing shower, we had an early night so we can get ready for our next stop.


The moon was shining so bright when we headed out about 2:30am

A spectacular event. Watched green turtles lay eggs in the middle of the night and go back to the ocean — out of thousands which migrate every year to the these shores. These momma turtles were hatched here too and its amazing how they find their way  back to the same place to lay their eggs.


Who needs filter on this one?

We were also lucky enough to see a few little one hatch, although we were told out of a hundred that would hatch, only 7 will survive to come back and lay their eggs. 😱

TIP: Best time to watch the turtles lay eggs would be between June and August, and  September to November for both laying and hatching.



After the beautiful sunrise we had, we decided to get more sleep and get breakfast and carry on. Drove another 1 hour and 15 minutes, this place is an absolute oasis I never knew could be found here.


Did it ever cross your mind that paradise can actually be found in the middle of a desert?  Well believe it now! 😍 We couldnt actually help it and we just got into all of the areas we can swim into. 😅


Interested? I hope so! Thanks for reading and hope youve enjoyed it and planning your trip to Oman already!

By the way, happy 2nd anniversary to the love of my life who is now actually snoring away here next to me. 😁

*updated April 2018*

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