An Irish Wedding

Since I came a few hours early for work today, I decided to share my experience in an Irish wedding. From one of my previous post, i mentioned about our recent holiday in Ireland. Actually the main reason for the holiday is one of Brian’s best friends’ wedding. And that was my first Irish wedding experience. I was super excited because I’ve seen movies with Irish weddings and they seem so much fun. I wasn’t disappointed at all lol..

Since Brian was one of the groomsmen, I spent a good few hours with his friends and I had fun! Plus, I was able to look around how it’s like. ☺️

Ok I think I’m going to put it on a list what I’ve noticed.. Haha

1. A lot of drinking – they basically had the pre wedding drinks the night before, then I Brian had to wake up pretty early the morning after and have a pre wedding breakfast (with alcohol, obviously), when to the pub after that, champagne I think on the way to the church and to the reception, the til 4am drinks and of course 2 consecutive nights of after parties after the wedding. Whew!
2. A lot of dancing – this wasn’t very strange for me because I enjoyed it myself and the band was amazing btw!
3. Long speeches – I wasn’t sure if it was a tradition but they did have a bit of a betting game for how long the entire speech would last, that was fun!

4. A lot of singing and especially the one at the end of the night! – well the singing was singing along with the band or the DJ, but the funny one was at the end of the night, that when somebody wants to sing, it’s a tradition that everybody keeps quiet and listen to the person singing..
5. It lasted until almost 4am!

There you have it! Let me share a few pics from the wedding!



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