I’m 28.. And Loads of Updates

It’s been a very long time again since I last updated in here. But hey OMG I’m 28! Thank You Lord for all the blessings and of course the gift of life.

Anyway since I haven’t been around here that much to blab ill make a quick update haha, I really wish I never stopped though! Now idk where to start haha..

Brian meeting my family. Last year’s halloween. First Christmas in Ireland. Trials. Moving in. Mama and Hayden over with us. 1st Anniversary with my love. Back flying. Ireland again last month. Living a normal life in Dubai. — Honestly I don’t think I missed much, I think I just missed updating this with pictures hehe and well, some juicy kwentos. ๐Ÿ˜

It was pretty quick and But I was delighted he asked if he could come home with me to the Philippines to meet my family in October last year.. One of the best early days moments hehe..


… And then there’s halloween 2013. First halloween together as Robin Hood and Red Riding Hood! Haha.. Cant believe we already had our second! Time flies!


Next was our first Christmas together in Ireland and of course meeting his family.ย It was a very nice feeling to be introduced to the people he loves and i think literally the whole town. It was so much fun as well trying to find the spot where Holly and Gerry met in PS I Love You. One of my favorite movies and I know I planned a few years ago to go, I never actually thought Id be there “with an Irishman..” as Brian said.. Even seeing a sheep for the first time haha geez.. And felt so special he cooked breakfast I think almost everyday when I was over hehe.. very well domesticated! lol Loved it! Beautiful Cobh.


In May, was so super happy to have Mama and Hayden over for his summer vacation couple of months after we moved in. Bit a break as well for Mama so I’m glad they both enjoyed!


I was so happy as well to see Brian and Hayden getting along really great. Once I found myself teary eyed watching them. And sometimes I still can’t believe I have this wonderful man in my life who embraced me for all I am and loves my little man too. It’s one of those moments I never thought I’d see. Salamat po Lord. Touching. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Well, anniversary skydive on my previous post. I’ve been planning to do that for a long time and was kinda glad I ddnt and worked out well did it with my love on the anniversary of the day we met. ๐Ÿ˜

Anyway, I kinda need to wrap this up for now as I need to get some sleep for tomorrow’s return flight. But I promise I will update more, maybe I should write it down here too haha ( halloween pics, bday pics.. ok not so much! very good) xx And seriously halfway through this entry there was an earthquake.. newsflash just in case they havent updated yet!

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