It’s Christmas Time!

Things may not have gone according to plan, like having Mama and Hayden over (for good reasons), I finally got a day off on Christmas day (after 3 years!). I was pretty  scared at first because I know even if Im off, most ppl would be flying like the usual and that its going to be the same shit, me ending up alone. But a few days before I got a lot of party invites from friends who I ddnt even know would be around, so yey!

I was coming back from Washington on Christmas eve, and speaking of Washington, went downtown for dinner at a brazilian resto with my friend Derek. Saw the White House, Washngton monument and the Capitol. So since I am very hooked with Homeland, I was so happy to see landmarks and streets where they filmed the series. Wee…

.. So going back to celebrating Christmas, arrived at my apartment at around 6:30pm and picked Irra up at 7. So we were just in time for cacthing up, karaoke and of course the traditional Filipino noche buena 🙂 Here are some pictures..

Happy happy Christmas!

And some more 🙂

I love this picture! Its a classic Gossip Girl ‘Nga-nga’ shot.. Haha

(Phoebe, SJ, Bea, Natasha and Me)



On Christmas day, went for brunch even Im not the biggest fan of wines.. And then went to Mike’s in the afternoon, and boom! Another surprise! Thanks Mike..In the evening, went to another Christmas dinner with Tere and other girlfriends at Simon and Oli’s place. Super hospitable English guys!


Sarap ng food! 🙂

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