And just like that, Im 26!

 Feel good song of the moment!

 Well its already the 10th back home! Happy birthday to me 😀 3 and a half hours to go over here in Doha and I cant believe Im on home standby and revising for an SEP assessment for my next flight. Anyway, Its been a good year, thank You Lord for the blessings, all the love, good health and a good job. Im wishing and praying for another good one and I promise I’ll do my best too to get that.

Shery, Wardee, Phoebe, Bryan, KD (my flatmate) and Irra

I had an amazing birthday bash couple of nights ago, like last year, its an R&B party but this time sa Crystal at W Hotel. Saya-saya lang! Thanks to those people who came and to those na hindi nakajoin because of flights, minimum rest, I’ll get over it haha!

 More photos 🙂

Phoebe’s Australian bday gift to me @ bottom right lol, my best Thai girl Jaifan and more people who ame late haha

I really like this little black dress!

A few more flights to go and its time for a well earned couple of weeks holiday in Vegas and wherever! Thank You again Lord for the blessings!

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