A Love Story

This is a couple of months late, but i would just like to congratulate my very good friends Loida and Epoy. I mean geez finally! Haha.. Theyve been together since we were like senior high school, and OMG, thats nearly 10 years ago!

The two met back in 2003, sportsfest back in my highschool. Epoy was just visiting town because he was studying college in Manila. Since then the two were inseperable. So then me and two other girlfriends ended up dating Epoy’s friends, as a matter of fact there is still another couple left, wow I just remebered. Jerjane and Oneil. Anyway, Ive watched them grew together. Me and Loida went to the same college, she took up Accountancy and me Business Management. Soon I realized I dont really like accounting and Loida ddnt want to lose her scholarship over ledgers, we took a different major the following semester, too much info huh? Its just too nice to look back at it, oh those days! Anyway we graduated (me pregnant even before finishing college,haha! I hate to say my story is so much more complicated than hers haha, but what the hell?!) they stayed together, and us stayed very good friends, Epoy was even my date at a cousin’s wedding last year. Its such a shame I ddnt make it to their wedding. I remember how excited Loida was when she told me she was engaged, and even more happier when she told me that they are going to be married at Caleruega, a place where we, as young girls said “One day I will get married here.” Well, eventually for me the dream of being married in that church soon disappeared, but  Im so glad hers didnt.


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