I feel good tenenenenenenen!

Self portrait!

Just wanted to spread the good vibes! Been eating healthy, going to the gym at least 3 times a week for the past couple of weeks, drinking with friends, reading books, cooking, cleaning up my closet, catching up with old friends and family and then most importantly spending some time catching up with myself. After a while I can finally see myself again, good work self! haha pat in the back!  I’d say it isn’t so bad picking up where I left things off last year after Captain America (the marine I sort of dated for a while) and hopefully by doing it gradually, same with the current ‘still odd’ situation with M.

Lord thank You for the strength and for helping me little by little. It’s hard for me to admit and to write this, but Im actually really glad to have started letting go after that ugly event over a month ago. I know I can do this! x pleased

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