Updates, Japan layover to Abu Dhabip

OMG! Its been forever! Well I was pretty busy, a lot of things happened.

Anyway I just wanna start with my recent trip to Japan. Its been I guess almost 10 years since I last saw Katrina, yes, Kat! My best little sister ever, my constant play-date the doll house days.. haha! Sa wakas! At sa Japan pa ha! First, let me take you back a little bit. (before the flight)  Well I was very excited that day that I missed my pick up and almost didn’t made the flight. When I got there my purser was all over me, like “why are you late?” and “you missed the briefing..” blah. Sorry pero that was the first time na na-late ako for a flight. So as parusa, he made me do all the english PAs from Doha-Osaka-Narita-Osaka and backt o Doha, gave me an assessment and made me work as the galley manager, twice. Oh well, what a flight. However lets go na sa happy times. Kat was so emotional when she saw me, she hugged me and cried. God I missed her so much too! Thank You Lord for the opportunity!

 @ Universal Studios, Osaka Japan

So para kaming mga bata all over again! Next time na I get a Japan flight were planning to go to Kyoto! 🙂

4 Weeks ago..

I went to Abu Dhabi on a mission. That was the time na I was referring na ang daming nangyare. I felt like I was going to breakdown, well I sort of did, and I cant thank a few friends enough for helping out. Im glad I survived. So let me just post happy photos from that trip.

Trip to Al Maya Island 😀

.. and upon arriving at the airport, I was happy to see that familiar face again.

 .. after a couple of days I was happy to fly back home to see my boy. 😀 He just started school again and super dami nyang kwento, at isa don is the fact na may cruch na daw sya.. Oh my! Napakabilis naman mag binata ng baby ko!

 Random photos 🙂


Came back to Doha and felt like things were as good as new. I’ll stop complaining for a while I guess.. BUT, dot dot dot and fade


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