Frankfurt – The Voice

Hi Im in Frankfurt and after Zumba and dinner there was nothing really much to do over here so I did some catching up with The Voice episodes which have been sitting in my laptop for days and weeks I think. Ugh! I just love music so so much! So in no particular order, here it goes..

1.  Somebody That I Used to Know – Lindsey Pavao

She wasnt even on my list during the blind auditions but after her performance of this song, I was just swept away.. 🙂 And she freakn looks like Katy Perry!! (and KStew mixed together), Aside from the fact that I love this song, she has such a unique voice plus the  whole production, its just amazing! Why the hell did America sent her home? Ugh.


2.  Don’t Know Why – James Massone

OK. I know this is such a teeny bopper performance, didn’t showcase much of his vocal range (I think he’s a good singer) but ISN’T THIS JUST ADORABLE? hahahaha! He had me at “Waited..” and that is all that matters. 😉


3. Ordinary People – Mathai

I dont like her at all. But I Like her version of this song. This song is amazing. 🙂


4.  Roxanne – Juliet Simms

Gotta love Juliet! And Im proud to say that shes been my favorite since blind auditions! Like Carson said, she was like possessed or something on this performance! Keep rockin’!


 5.  Everybody Wants To Rule The World – Tony Vincent

Im not Tony’s fan and so as his eyeliner, BUT, I always had a soft spot for old songs. Rock and roll baby! What can I say, Im an old soul. 🙂


6.  Livin’ on a Prayer – Jermaine Paul

I like this guy. And Bon Jovi too. hehe

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