Stuck Sick in Moscow

Hmm.. Im glad that I’ve finally recovered after a week with flu and diarrhea. And Im back at work too! Its nice and rainy here today in Algeria. Fresh air outside nung pasakay kami sa bus. Imagine dinadayo ko pa ang fresh air haha! And hey, its Friday the 13th! wooooooooo.. hehe I was a little bit scared to fly earlier, scared because baka bumalik yung diarrhea ko hahaha..

Anyway, I wanna share my sad moments in Russia. I really get depressed whenever I get sick.  Getting sick in Doha, I can still handle although theres no one to look after me since Im living on my own, but at least Im on base. Mike and Naz was there to check on me. But recently, in Moscow.. I dont know  think I really have to take care of myself or its just this time of the year when I usually get sick or maybe even because of the freakn weird weather over here that mother nature could still not decide on if iinit na ba or malamig pa rin muna. Ok so eto na. I was totally fine when I got there, it was a pretty easy flight actually. At the hotel I was fine too. Talked to Mike over the fone, took a nap, had dinner, jacuzzi, sauna and all that and finally went to bed. Then I woke up at around 4am, feeling so funny and yun na. Nilalagnat na ko. I took Panadol, like the usual. Went back to bed hoping that by wake-up call, ok na ko. But then no. I had to call the doctor and he ddnt let me fly. Not even as a passenger. I was stuck in cold Russia.

I was told that another set of crew will be checking in in the evening so I dont have to worry about anything because they will be informing the next purser about what happened to me. So I went back to bed, pahinga lang so in the afternoon, when the doctor comes back, I’ll be fine and hoping he would give me the clearance to fly. He ddnt came back. I called reception for the doctor and they told me he just effn left. I wanted to blow up the whole place sa inis ko, and he like gave me 2 tablets of whatever it was and of course ubos na! I then asked them about the new set of crew if they have arrived. “Ma’am, the next set of crew will be checking in  in 3 days. Its just you at the moment.” in that scary Russian accent. —-I was like WTF!!!

So I dont have anymore medications to take, no one at all to check on a foreign country. I had to improvise. Called for ice, and used the face towel as an ice bag para bumaba yung temperature ko. Saddest night of my life. Horrible feeling. Fortunately, I made it through the night. The next morning my temperature was still like 39 deg. No one was calling me from base I ddnt know what to do. So I initiated calling them. They told me you have to do this… blah, blah blah. I still had fever and I had to do the paperworks so I can get out of there. I felt so sorry for myself, but I had to force myself to get up and get things done. Was so dizzy when I stood up. Paused for a while and then stared walking. I felt like fainting seriously. I was so weak and ddnt have anything to eat because I ddnt have the appetite and whenever I tried eating I just end up vomiting or running to the toilet.

After all those bs I had to go through, the doctor issued a med cert saying im fit to fly at least as a passenger, and even mentioned that he though it would be best if I rest home.(finally I was convinced he was a doctor) They then booked me on the next flight out. Relieved when they called me to say its all sorted. Hotel lobby: weird scary man came to me and said “You work for ….”, I was thinking hello am I not wearing my uniform or what.. tss. So I went with him. 2 and a half hours (to the airport) with this guy in the car, he ddnt say anything.  I started observing actually after 30 mins, looked at his face for couple of times, noted the plate number and all that haha.. I was just worried or maybe i was paranoid jusko po.. haha I was thinking that maybe this guy would take me elsewhere, cut me open, take my liver, heart whatever and sell it. Haha.. Ok, I was paranoid.

Airport at last.. Immigration problems, because I came on a different general declaration blah blah.. Sobrang pagod na ko. Pero for some reason pina-hyper ako ng remaining energy ko because I just wanted to get out of there.

So yun. I hope I never get sick outstation again.


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