Doha, China and back to Doha!

Before going back to work, I spent my days off with Naz, I missed her so much and actually Jo and Camilla too, wonder how are those two doing, miss my girls!! Anyway, slept over at her’s with 2 other friends, watched a whole season of some tv series (which was awesome!), shopping, went clubbing on an R&B night ( I really have to mention that Crystal blows, and after clubbing I had to download loads of tracks so I can play it in my room with my ‘boom, boom bass’ speakers! haha), went to see a basketball game and hung around basketball players (I looked like a midget with those 6 and 7-footer guys!), went to dinner at that posh Indian restaurant, saw a really stupid movie (The Devil Inside) and finally, as usual, took our spot at our fave coffee shop. Ok, so much about days off haha, I just felt like sharing! laughing

I was not in the mood to go shopping during my last trip to Guangzhou so this time, I did!

It was almost a 7-hour trip and was pretty tiring too. When we got there, it made me think it was the big apple, CHINESE VERSION,  haha..  Busy streets and bright lights, oh I miss New York, hope to get on a trip next month.

Bright lights!

So me and a friend Kate went out and shopped. I was surprised how busy it was, and the whole place kind of reminded me of Bugis in Singapore, good shopping!

Oh yes! Street food baby! I know, I know but I dig those since I was a kid hehe!

Look at Kate, haha. (When we were waiting for a cab) This cabin bag has always been convenient for shopping, I remember when I used to drag mine along Lexington Ave. and 5th Ave.. 🙂

 Finally, some really good room service the next afternoon. 🙂

Nasi Goreng, yum!!!


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