Sweet November

Hello upper east-siders! haha.. Been watching a lot of Gossip Girl lately and since its raining here in Maldives, I guess its time to blog! 😉

Well it all started with a sweet 3-day trip to Cebu which I was so happy  to get from standby 😉 Soon as I got the roster change, I booked Mama, Hayden and my brother plane tickets to Cebu. The timing was so perfect for Mama’s and actually my birthday so we celebrated. The beach was amazing and we had a really great time! Thank God for the time off work, well at least for couple of days!


Amazing time with my family and my little man 🙂

And then there was my birthday week.. I actually did not plan on celebrating apart from skydiving which didnt worked out because Skydive Dubai closed the Palm dropzone for the airshow so I just had it re-booked. Anyway, at night before my birthday I was just hanging out in my room then my  friend Naz called to hang out and that was the start of a really fun week! 😉 The next night I found myself (and my friends) hanging out with Sisqo on a VIP lounge after his concert and that awesome R&B night while everyone else was waiting in a queue to have a photo with him because he was hanging out with the birthday girl loooool Its good to know people haha.. Happy 25th to me!

Partying on my 25th birthday! Good times!

..the next day I was in Dubai snowboarding with old friends 🙂

4 days after, I was in Dubai, again catching up with college friends and one of my bestfriends (ex-flatmate). God knows how much I love concerts and live music and all that and Im just very happy I got to see another one!! I love The Script and their songs so much.. I just moved to Dubai back in 2008 when I first heard of their single ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’.. Oh, memories..

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