Its almost November. Wow. 

Great friends to de-stress.

Im happy that me and my friends here in Doha would still find time to catch up. happy After Camilla resigned, we were all a bit lost, like “whats the plan?”.. Friends moved to new apartments, one got into a relationship (defined, lol), I was busy getting a hang of things at work and so on..  Well, tomorrow Jo’s moving to Abu Dhabi. I was happy and sad at the same time when I heard the news a month back, it made me realize that we all have to move on, at some point. I have a plan. I always have.. lol maybe I said that to make me feel better and not feel left out or something like that. But I do have a plan! haha


Something beyond unexpected.

Mike calmed me down. I CANNOT EXPLAIN FURTHER. thanks haha


Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

Here we go.. I love my job! lol Was in Munich on the last night of Oktoberfest, and I had a really great time. winky


Geneva, Switzerland

 Nothing much to say really, I enjoyed sightseeing and that hotdog sandwich I had along the way because I was starving, and I guess that was best hotdog ever! 


Beijing, China

Survived the Great Wall! Since I saw this flight on my October roster Ive been very excited, I wanted to see this wall for a long time happy and I finally did! yey! Weather forecast on that day (when I checked the day before) was sunny and clear skies, however when I woke up that morning it was chilly 7-10 degrees. I know, I know this is when ppl from London wear t-shirts and shorts lol (exaggerating..), the this was, I wasnt wearing enough clothes and my hotness ddnr help at all haha jk  Memories of Moscow all came back to me (well it was -25 over there back in January but.. lol).. I can still remember how frozen my face and my whole body was when we were at that cable car.. OMG. Hmm, what else? Oh, I was drinking the first night I got there. Me and other 3 finished a bottle of Chivas Regal on the first night. The next we went clubbing, and I was hanging in there I would say hehe.. but I was fine!


Girls’ Night Out


 Jo’s last couple of nights in Doha. Im going to miss her a lot! Cant really say much but God knows how much I love these girls.. Well guess what? We are taking the party to Abu Dhabi then!winky


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