First Class Pomotion & Layover Stories

OMG, I miss blogging so much! And Blogidoo, youre almost 6 years old! I remember back in college I used to blog everyday about everything.. Time is really passing like crazy!

Ive been very very busy flying and lately, my first class promotion. Ive been dreaming and even daydreaming about lay ups, plating, red wines, white wines, cocktails, champagne and everything else.. And I miss flying! Ive been on ground I guess for 3 weeks now.. haha

Met new friends, new hangout in Doha.. finally a place where I feel like Im living in a normal world again. Its hard to explain! 😛

Anyway, let me fill you in about the rest. winky



Everybody knows how much I love beaches, thats why I always bid for tropical places like the Maldives or Seychelles. So yea, there goes Maldives on my roster 28th of July. I know, I know.. its been a month or so, but I let me share it anyway. — because its kind of like a love story that we all love haha! Moving on, I remember more than 3 years back when I saw this Tagalog movie “When Love Begins”, I said to myself that I want to fall in love in an island and then leave it there and move on. Guess what? That wild dream came true (well, not really fell in love, but it felt possible). To begin with, this guy wasnt my type. He looks like this guy Edward from Twilight who I hate so much lol.. After relaxing and getting some tan by the pool, I decided to go to the bar to get some drinks. And there goes Kyle. We said hi and blah blah.. Well spoken and very smart, he caught my attention. We kept on chatting til he had some bottles of beer and asked me if i wanted more of whatever I was drinking I said no, because I dont really drink that much or Ill be dead the next morning. He suggested Coke with ice,  which I hate because its so strong it hurts my throat, and with ice? God I know Id be dead but I said yes anyways, haha!! Well yea good conversation. And we were planning about a lot of things, that we should do this and that.. To cut it short, it was too good to be true. And I knew it right there and then. And at the moment when we had to go, of course we exchanged numbers.. Neither one of us called. I think we both came to our senses that this is not a movie.



And so I went to Seychelles again! Its such a paradise!


… so there I was, ENJOYING!! 😉

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