From Hong Kong to South Africa

Hey hey! Its 5 minutes to 5am Doha time, had to stay up for a little bit longer so I could sleep all day for my night flight to KL, oh yes, again!confused Anyway, It was a summer day and I remember having a bad hangover  when I moved here last year haha.. And its just a couple of days to go and its been a year already. Dude it went by really quick! I want to move back already.. I miss everyone, I miss Dubai and my social life loooool.. Its just quite different here, just when I thought I was settled and getting used to it, I thought wrong. Or im just Pms-ing.. geez ood swinging like crazy the past week.. ugh. Its fun being a girl!

Ok now let me update on my where abouts this past 2 weeks ( I guess). Before NY btw I was in Hong Kong.. hoped to see Mickey but went to Lan Kwai Fong for clubbing, it was sick and I dont mind going back bukas kagad lol great company so yep enjooooy!

Me, Daly and Peej

Moving on, Johannesburg! YES! Waka-waka! Its Time for Africa!

Got called out from standby to do a week-long trip to Joburg with a shuttle to Capetown. Oh well, it was a blast! I love Joburg and the those hot South African ppl! lol

The gang! Jess, Miguel, Louisa, Daniel, Marnes, Johan and Ryan

Clubbing night! Dinner at The Baron first, which btw, is the the best meat ever!! then went to Billy The Bums near the Monte Casino! Best layover ever! I was wasted as hell!

The next day we went on a Safari, saw Lions, Hyaenas and other wild animals.. Never seen those creatures that close!!


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