Death on Board

Was in New York couple of days back.. I was so happy to walk on those busy streets again, and I thank God for giving me the chance to visit the Big Apple again smooch.. And oh yes, I was at Times Square very early walked downtown from Lexington Ave to see the royal weddinh live on the big screen.

It was such a fairy tale! 

with Anthony

Anyway, so much about the royal wedding, we got there and went out with friends for dinner at Planet Hollywood in Times Square and then partied at Splash.. OMG amazing!! lol I wanted to share details but its just too much, well im just gna blab that I went to a gay club with my gayfriends CELEBRATING LIFE! 🙂 Next day, I went to see my Emirates friends at in between 8th and 9th Ave. went cosmetic shopping at the Crew Shop, had a massive pork lunch, took a lot of photos, walked around Times Square,  Columbus Circle and finally Central Park. Fun!

.. Moving on.. God knows how much stress I had to go through to get to New York, and here it goes. We had some serious medical case onboard, and the passenger actually died. He was a wheelchair passenger traveling alone to NY. It was the first round of anytime service and when half of the crew were on rest. We rolled out the carts to the cabin and right after one of the girls passed in that particular row, half of of his body just swung into the aisle, we tried to wake him up but he just wont. She called for back-up and thats when we carried all the medical equipments that we might need. We made an announcement looking for a medical practitioner too. There was no pulse. Nothing. CPR, for maybe 10-15 mins, no response. We already descending, about to divert to London when the doctor onboard pronounced him dead. All of the crew involved shed a tear when we learned that he was really gone.. and then we went on with the flight. I thank God for giving me the strength to continue working for 7 more hours.. So there it is. I just had to let it out. I havent been sleeping properly since NY, I really have to be drained to be able to sleep. I never held a dead person before and the fact that someone died in front of me, seeing a beautiful city and its lights was not enough.

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