Roster Change— in the briefing room

Im flying to Hong Kong later, like pick up’s an hour away and I am so sleepy!! Anyway, whats been happening? Umm.. was suppose to go to Munich last time when they called me out at the briefing room and said that im going somewhere tropical, Manila.. I wanted to punch the person in the face haha come on I packed for a cold place.. I got over it anyway. Im just sharing. Parang tanga lang haha.. Next flight was worse, it was a turn around, nice and easy.. We just started descending when an atlas container fell on my head.. man that was very heavy. After the impact I couldn’t hear properly.  I tried to laugh it off, I was like aray! Then when I started moving there it was, I was so dizzy I felt like I was gna fall. They made me sit down, ice bag on my head, started to feel like throwing up.. Cant operate my door so they put me on a floater position.. Landed and they had to rush me to a clinic at the departure hall.. Well soon as we landed, started feeling better actually, but of course I have to make sure, and welfare was calling me every 2 mins. Home. Next day went to the clinic, check ups, xray… They said Ill live. So yey!

By the way, rosters are out! Ive got Washington, Nairobi, Barcelona and New York (again! I love!) and some turn arounds.. Pwede! Thank You Lord!

Was talking to Ryan earlier, cant believe I still miss him paminsan minsan (ayun oh! haha..). Last time I talked to him was last month, his birthday. At dahil jan, Im sharing this song ‘Time After Time’ (Cyndi Lauper cover)..

Good Vibes. Latersss

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