From Brussels to Home

One of the new destinations of my fast growing airline is Belgium! It was an amazing city, and they have the most amazing waffle though Im not really a huge fan of sweets, I was amazed! Anyway let me share a couple of photos with you.. amazing Brussels!

Went to couple of more places and then I went home for my summer vacation.. great times! spent time with my precious son and the rest of the family.. My brother Carlson graduated from college and everything is perfect! Thank God for all the blessings!


ang lumalaking si Haydenpot!

“sundo mommy airport” – Hayden


Anyway 10 days back home went by quick, as usual. Now Im back at the desert but guess what?? I GOT PROMOTION! Yep, went I got back I was checking mails and stuff, and I cannot believe that my F1 letter was sittiing there for 2weeks.. So yea, goodbye economy! Hello Business and First class!! Thank You Lord!! And then me and my friends went out celebrating at the Irish (a club we love) the other night and yesterday I found myself singing karaoke at a Filipino resto called Cicina Filipina with my gay friends.. lol amazing time really!!

So thats all for now, I ordered dinner and Im gna go downstairs and pick it up, Thai Food tonite baby! and yes, Im all packed up for Munich Germany, departing at 2am happy

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