Backstreet Attack!

Btw my room is a total mess and I am so lazy to clean up and I havent even unpacked my stuff from my Belgium trip which was literally effn sweet! So im sitting here on my fave spot in the room, blogging!winky I dont know how many blog entries Ive written about the my undying love for the Backstreet Boys, but yes here’s another one, lol.. Its been a year and exactly 3 months since I met the boys at the soundcheck and concert in Dubai and I guess I will never get enough. I planned to go on the BSB cruise to Miami but things happened, I moved and was on probation and all that so I had to cancel the trip. My heart was broken that I couldnt go but things happen for a reason. Well last night, I was checking my mails, I got this BSB CRUISE ANNOUNCEMENT FOR 2011! I was so happy that theyre doing it again and hopefully this time the universe will work with me na so I can go!


Right now Im really having a BSB attack, im listening to their songs and looking at the my photos with them last year!!! I miss you boys!

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