A Flight Attendant Moment


I was sick last week, well technically it was fatigue from flying nonstop and so I called in sck for a Cochin flight, and the rest day that I had really helped. The next day I reported fit to fly agan and just after 2 hours I was called out for Manchester. I was happy to get it cuz it means shopping hehe… but yea, the flight attendant moment, I was shopping, eating, and walking alone in the freezing streets of the city. Pretty sad. Its been almost 3 years of flying.. and it gets lonely at times.

But hey there are actually a bunch of things that I got used to.. ridiculous, sad, hilarious name it.. Anyway, I thank God that I am alive, and Im going to try a new way today.

I dont wanna be all negative, I told you I was just having a moment, I love my job and wanna know whats the best part of it? I get to visit the places where they shot my fave movies, walk around at the same place and feel the L-O-V-E, cheesy much? I DONT CARE! lol and next on my list, my fave romantic movie of all time.. P.S. I Love You.. Im planning to go to Ireland for a holiday, See you soon Ireland!!


P.S. ….Guess what? 

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