Happy love month everyone! Well that other month went by quick, as usual.. Been quite busy with work and everything else and Im really sad that I havent posted an entry for a month. Ive been in Kathmandu, Zurich, Dubai (for a long weekend!), some turn around flights around the gulf, and I just got back from Seychelles the other day.

Let me start with Kathmandu, been there for couple of times but this one’s the best I would say because of the awesome set of crew. Went for lunch at a popular pizzeria downtown, shopped around, got a massage and then dinner and some serious goodtime at one of my fave live music places, The Reggae Bar.



with the whole crew, from Captain to F2s!

Zurich, Switzerland.. It was quite gloomy that day and a bit quiet. But yea the place was amazing. They have a really posh train with attenants pushing carts on the aisle. Had dinner at this very nice resto and bar called the Movie Resto and Bar.. Im still in awe. You just have to see it for yourself!!


at the city.


with my friend Anthony.. and some cows! lol

DUBAI, OH DUBAI!! After 6 months, finally was able to visit my hometown lol.. Crashed at Maggie’s (my ex-flatmate) and went to my EVER like “EVER” fave club Zinc! Its like the party was for me haaha! I know everyone in the club and it felt great to see old friends and the rest of the A380 family I missed so much!




Oh, all the fun!

DSC09420 DSC09412 DSC09417 DSC09418



 DSC09389 DSC09370 DSC09481 DSC09470


         …and more bonding photos with my batchmates and Pinoy friends!

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