Christmas Crew

Merry Christmas again guys! This was the first xmas in my flying life that I was actually flying.. Had a simple Christmas dinner with my friends at Naz’s place since we cant go anywhere because were all flying the next day.. So, I was in Manchester, where I had another food poisoning drama.. Like I tweeted, theres somethin about the UK thats not meant for me tlg.. lol I enjoyed the whole white Christmas feel over there anyway, with the snow covering everything, It was so nice. But everything was closed, so it was a bit quiet. I just took a good rest so I can kill the packed flight back.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with the company doctor to make sure everything’s fine with me..She gave me couple of medications for the next 10 days. It was a very nice day yesterday, after my quick visit to the clinic, I submiitted files to the office, went to the bank and laundry..I was productive thats what Im trying to say which doesnt really happen everyday haha..And I did that at 9am, imagine my body clock is normal again! In bed at around 9pm and up by 7.. And on my way home, got off couple of blocks away from my place so I could walk a bit and feel the cool breeze.. It was amazing. I felt so great and relaxed. These days were serious ‘me time’ days.. And yes with that, Im feel so inspired.

long lost love.

      I’m singing and playing again

On the other hand I think Im not feeling so inspired with let me say my ‘lovelife’, or whatever it is that they call it these days..hehe! Things between me and Blair arent really working. I guess I tried,but Im not up to trying much harder.. duh long distnce shit na nman no! So thats it, 2 months Wow.. How epic! hehehe… And Im pretty glad that Im not in a relationship, or dating, or even sort of seeing someone right now. I so got used to it, I mean being single. And at times of loneliness, I have enough friends who I can talk to, and loads of work to keep me busy.. hehehe!!!

Happy Holidays again everyone!!! Guess what, Im on standby on New Year so I hope rostering would send me somewhere nice! xx

“A new year is God’s way of saying: “No matter where u’ve been or what u’ve been thru, u can always start fresh.”

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