15 Days Off Work

Hola!! Fresh from my 15 days break from work! Wanted to post a blog sooner but I hate that Mozilla keeps on crashing!! Well Im still having the same problem, and Im close to killing someone! grrr.. just playin, mybe after the holidays.. So Ive been using Chrome and classic IE (sometimes).. LOL sosyal Im hving some technical problems! haha and Im too lazy para magtroubleshoot..

More on that, the quick two weeks in Pinas, was fun, spent time with everyone, especially with my now 3-year-old boy who I love so much!

Went to Tagaytay with my family, welcomed a new angel to the fam (fave cousin’s son), new inaanak, laughed and nagdrinking session with best friends and last but not the least, KUMAIN!!


Tagaytay 🙂


with cousins I haven’t seen forever! and baby Kazer!

… And more photos that we can actually put in  scrollbox again para hnd masikip LOL



kape-kape ever.. with Nelly, Jinds & Kado


By the way, sinong KULOTERS!

DSC08819 DSC08815 DSC08838 DSC08842

DSC08897 DSC08901

Well thats pretty much it! I thank God for a great stay sa Pinas! Sana always happy happy! Thank You po ulit Lord! Happy Holidays everyone! and hey Ry if youre on my page right now Happy pasko jan sa Vietnam! I hope to see you soon!!!

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