Non-Stop Flight to Sore Throat I mean Kuala Lumpur

I did it again. 1 week of nonstop flying with just minimum rest in between flights. I was suffering from a really bad sore throat the last 2 flights I did.. and fell officially sick when I got home. I ddnt have anything but bestfriend Panadol. I made soup for myself, drank a lot of water and 4 cups of hot water with honey and lemon. Luckily it worked pretty well. Thank God.. Its weekend but I just wanted to rest and be in my comfort place.. felt so good! Cleaned my room a bit, started decorating it with my favorite photos. I promise after my leave, Im gna make it even  more homey, since Im having this feeling na Im gna be stuck here for a long time.. lol Well I just need a good break so I can be new and fresh again.. 3 more flights to go!

Anyway, I was going to post some photos from KL, my second time.. so yeppp here it goes!


pasko sa KL!

Btw, I was just looking at the recent updates on my facebook, goodness, Brian Grubb, the famous wakeskater I met 3 years back, (who  I still have a crush on) just did skydiving sa Burj Khalifa.. I saw the photos and I am so jealous! with the palm islands on the background, Im totally digging it! Planning to do it soon! Shoot! Ive had plans of skydiving na till now hnd ko pa nagagawa!!

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