ON BLOG LEAVE.. no more!

On Blog Leave.

Hi xanga! Ive done a very awful thing today. I ddnt know what I was doing. I couldnt stop myself. I dont know whats wrong with me. Aside from God, Ive got you and just you.. I blew it. And I dont know how to fix it, or if it still can be fixed at all. Im such a mess. F* IT! – NOVEMBER 21, 2010

Im glad im back to my old happy self after a day ng pagtatantrums. And just when I thought I can make another blog leave, well I thought wrong.. lol

I just got back from KL and I had so much fun! thank God kwela at mga baklang gaya ko ang mga kalipad kong pinay kanina! Goodtimes! winner sa work, sa gala and kain! Anyway lets start from Rome since I wasnt able to share my love ROMAnce chika sa Rome.. lol Ok let me break the news, I think I have a new boyfriend..lol Well I met Blair more than 2 years back and ddnt work and when we started talking again I was with Ryan nman. Anyway we all know what happened to Ryan.. after couple of months we started talking again and for some reasons we always ended up like aso’t pusa and always my fault haha. Then after some time again, eto na nman. Im in Doha na.This time we compromised, na we’ll try to make it work.. like for the love of God, just give it a shot.. so yea we I was so happy nman when he flew to Rome to celebrate my belated birthday with me.. So yea its been like that Europe na lipad ko andun sya. Spell e-f-f-o-r-t. and hopefully this holiday after coming back from leave, were gna be in Manchester.

Thanks B!
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1 Response to ON BLOG LEAVE.. no more!

  1. Krizia says:

    *like!* hehe I’m happy for you both :)) glad to hear that someone’s making you happy again. Godbless!

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