Quiet Halloween with thoughts

hmm.. Unlike last year, this one’s a bit quiet. I remember dancing all night with my friends in Dubai.. And can you believe its been really a year. Today im staying in though Im off till tomorrow. Himala! bwahaha! Anyway, what me and my friends did today was had breakfast at  The Villagio and shopped a bit. Then Camilla made a great dinner for us and I so proud that this blonde person is finally cooking these days! Anyway, something’s happening I think love is happening. Previous posts was about me feeling like giving some love away again after a long time to the same person. But I was telling my friend Leslie that it feels weak overtime, especially when you can feel that that person still couldnt care less. Sad, but true. Thats how I felt. But then this Blair person, whom Ive known for I guess 3 years now asked me a very good question. He told me that after a relationship, not really right away after the break up, but after sometime, people should ask themselves this “Do you think that you loved the person more or you just loved the idea that this person could be the one?” seriously my brain froze, haha.. I ddnt know what to say. Then I tried to think. I honestly hoped for it, and I think in every serious relationship that each of us had, we all did. I loved Ryan a lot, but I guess I loved the idea that he could be the one more. Maybe because of my past experiences and the situation that I am forever going to be in, thats why the idea was too brilliant for me.. hehehe

Lets move on! Feeling inlove lng tlga ko ever!

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