The Glam Life

Been stressed, sick and sad.. Why is there such a feeling. Help me feel better Lord.

… at dahil jan I’m watching my comfort movie ever.. All My Life.

OCTOBER 28, 3:33PM

got back this morning at around 6am, and flying again later (pick up’s in 3 hrs actually) my goodness these flights, but yes, someone has to do it.. i feel so exhausted, but then I thank God for making me feel better.. maybe its the hormones as well, hello monthly period! lol  i dnt know..  but yea I just cant wait to get this flight over and done with and then hello 3 days off!

And lastly, Im excited for that Bangkok-Hanoi flight, hope swak un swap.. pretty please!

… and one more hello, its payday!

I would like to share a quote too..


“If you made as much money as passengers thought you made, worked as little as your neighbors thought you did, and had as much fun on layovers as your spouse thinks…. This would be one helluva job!” – Bob the Singing Pilot


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