400: Happy Days in Maldives

ITS MY 400TH ENTRY ON XANGA! yihaaaaa! lol 5 years of blogging and still counting!!


Some views from the top!

Well I just got back from Maldives last night. The place is a paradise! And I thank God for letting me see one of His great creations once again. Great crew, great passengers, what more can I ask for? During boarding I saw all of these couples coming in to the aircraft with big smiles on their faces and I just knew that flight was gna be worth it. Everybody’s inlove and its all in the air!

Hulhule Island, Maldives

When we got there we planned as quickly as we could, changed and went to see the beautiful island straight away. We stayed at Hulhule Island Resort btw..great one!

First day, we went to see the beach and the amazing pool at the hotel (with bar and resto).. had fun with a really wonderful set of crew including the flight deck.. Went for a boat ride to Male main island for dinner.. again amazing food!!!



Day 2 was as fun as the first.. Got up early in the morning to go for island hopping.. LOVED IT!! Did snorkeling, swim with the fishes beautiful corals!! .. and of course took tons of photos even underwater!!!


…. Amen.

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