Dancing Flight Attendants & Tantrums

First of all I wanna share this very entertaining video of flight attendants from Cebu Pacific who did the safety demonstration, dancing.

Anyway, Got back from a 3 hour turnaround this morning to Amritsar. uggghh, very challenging. Thank God we had a really good crew.. We were descending back to Doha when the exhaustion checked in, Felt a bit lonely. Oh yea the drama. lol Times like this, I wish I had someone. Someone who would cheer me up whenever I had a bad day. Someone I can run to, and then Id feel safe. We’ll I just figured I was wishing for that for the past tough years of my life. Ive been looking after everyone, sometimes I just wonder, when is that moment going to be, that I can just sit back and relax because everything is being taken cared of and I dont need to lift a finger for anything. Gano kasarap un?! hehe

Well anyway got over this emote moment with the help of my girls.. SHOPPING!!!! lol always a good therapy! so everybody’s happy! (02 Oct-updated)

More on that, guess what?? Its October! and I have a pretty great roster! 6 layovers, 4 of them I requested for.. I have Maldives, Milan, Manila of course and Berlin! Octoberfest! .. and then 2 turnarounds.. Thank You Lord!

By the way, I took a quiz on Facebook! hehehe..

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1 Response to Dancing Flight Attendants & Tantrums

  1. Krizia says:

    don’t worry in God’s perfect time, you’ll find that ‘someone’, cheer up, you have a great job!, great family and friends who love you unconditionally, pretty face, sexy body! 🙂 hehe, just keep praying when sadness strikes 🙂 btw that cebu pacific vid made my day, thanks for posting!:))

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