My Palm Lines ☼

First of all Id like to thank God once again for helping me survive my first Indian Subcontinent flight. Whew.. Was a turnaround flight, came back from Bombay this morning. First sector was light and coming back was overbooked.. But see its not so bad at all. Passengers were nice and polite.

Anyway, I flew with this gay guy, he was awesome.. well actually there were 3 of them on the flight (was so much fun!). Back to this guy, he can read palms. Well this is the third time that I  actually had my palms read. First, when I was in college.. Second, when I was with Emirates and today. I dont know how true these things are but I actually check my horoscope everyday.. lol hmmm so far these people’s reading of my personality were always close. Sometimes they can even tell some stuff that made me ask na “how did you know that?” Coming from the word “hula” which means a guess, maybe those were lucky guesses, whatever.. but theyre quite brilliant.. Well let me share the readings, as far as I can remember.


  • I spend too much
  • no focus
  • have to take care of my health
  • will have a hard time finding ‘the one’

— I remember Jane telling me that whatever it is that she saw on my palms doesnt mean that  thats it. She told me to try to do the opposite then the lines on my palms can change.

Last year when I had my palms read by one of my friends in EK, It was quite the same plus some bad news lol

  •  I spend too much
  • fell in love twice
  • I change my mind easily
  • have to take care of my health
  • and will never find a lifetime partner

— Like Jane, ate Em told me the same thing.. it can change. You change your ways and of course the future will change.


  • I am good at keeping money (I am actually trying my very best to manage my finances because Im getting old lol)
  • fallen inlove twice (correct and consistent), and that the first one is already gone. (true) The second one is ‘the one’.. I dont know, whatever. He also mentioned that I will be married by 28, so I have to really try to work on things and its like the last chance or I will never be married. He told me Im too dominant and that I have to let the man be the man. And stop getting upset about relationships so easily, because its good for me to be committed. ‘Be positive about it’.. last thing he said.
  • Have to take care of my health (very consistent.. I will.)

…I guess its human nature that we want to get a sneak peek of whatever it is that is there for us in the future. As for me, I think it doesnt mean that, okay lets depend on star signs and those kind of things, but its a good guideline probably so we can maneuver life like having a navigator in front of us.. hehe  Well I just wanted to share. Goodnight everyone!

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