Adoro España

loved it!

Im back from Madrid and I loved it! Well as per my history class, my country was colonized by the Spaniards for over 300 years .. So I was thrilled when I found out that rostering gave me Madrid (last month I bid for Barcelona and Madrid). Inflight, the passenger profile was really great. Half of them were Asian people going on a holiday (Chinese and Japanese) and the other half were Spanish people. Some were talking to me in Spanish during the service because they dont really speak English, they only know a few words and it was amazing how I can understand them, I mean the phrases and most of the words are the same with Tagalog.  Anyway, when we reached the city for sightseeing, I really fell in love! It was such a beautiful city! Awesome weather too.. Me and two of my colleagues from Ukraine and Brazil walked of course nagpicture picture!



Anyway, I was just frustrated that I could almost understand the language kaya I promise I will learn Spanish! xx Thank You Lord for the opportunity!

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