Do you ever miss childhood?

September Equinox! Longer nights!!! lol just sharing. Watching Umagang Kay Ganda as I type, theyre talking about thins September equinox and how beautiful the weather is. I love waking up in my country.. my typical morning back in the days, breakfast and watching the news.

Im in Manila once again. Landed in a beautiful Monday morning.. I was still in the crew bus when the sun started to show up. Along the street of Pasay City, I saw kids going to school, and I remember how it felt like all over again. When I was in highschool, I used to ask myself every single day, why do I have to wake up this early and go to school.. But then I remember my mom tapping my feet to wake me up and theres breakfast ready on the table, and I smiled. Another part of the day I hate is taking a bath straight away after breakfast when Im still feeling so cold and sleepy, I took a bath anyway, of course! Speaking of Pasay City, another thing that I remembered was 2years ago, when I was still one of the thousands of people who went on open days for a flight attendant job. Gosh. And earlier I was in the same street in a bus with a dream come true I must say.. God is great.

Anyway, spent the day with my mom. I miss her so much. I mean being the little girl that I used to be back when when life was so simple, waking up everyday, going to school oh boy I would kill to go back, lol! We talked about life, talked about boys(hmm, lol) over lunch at Banana Leaf, awesome btw.. Got lost, again in a mall.. I miss little things. I miss simple things.

One more thing, I found this nice quote from one of my batchmates’ wall on facebook.. share share share!

Love is what you are. So think Love. Act Love. Decide Love. And your life will change. You will Love totally in Grace. Your life will be dramatically different and you will experience great peace in your heart. It will be like Heaven on earth. And you will know not only happiness, but Joy itself, which is close to the emotion you experience when you are in the presence of, and close to God.

Thank God for a great morning! Flying back to Doha today… gotta get ready!!

109 days til Christmas by the way!!!!!!

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