Letters to Juliet

Oh well, I dont really do movie reviews, but since its a Saturday and Im staying in because Im flying long haul tomorrow.. I just decided to watch some movies. lol Oh yes, me and my romantic movies.. This is actually the second time that Ive seen this movie and I just wanted to share it with you guys.

Another movie about true love, destiny and waiting.. Seriously, my friends doesnt have an idea that I still believe in love or whatever, they think that Im just always datingish which is not true. But I do believe in love. Its just that I feel more comfortable coming out very independent and strong, like its some kind of a way of protecting myself. But I just figured that believing and showing that you do believe in the beauty of love doesnt make someone weak.

The movie was fantastic. Imagine 50 years of waiting, but because its true love, it didnt really matter how long they waited, what matters is that that one special day came and they had this same old feeling all over again. Thank God for all the love in world! Now I am planning to visit Verona and see Juliet’s house and to write to her.. it would be awesome..

I really loved it and Im gna see it one more time! lol


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