Boys will be Boys


Well I cant sleep! and I hate it, tried going to bed really early so I can sleep for 8 hours but I ended up waking up at midnight, tried going back to bed but I couldnt try any harder, then Im flying to Luxor, Egypt the morning. Anyway its been a long while again.. Let me do my updating.. hehe! Its been such a long week (last week), I ddnt have the chance to get some decent sleep until the other day. Flew to Manila, Abu Dhabi and Beirut for consecutive days. Goodtimes huh! Manila was awesome, get to see my family after 6 long months, Hayden is so big! hehe..

My baby I love so much!!!

Langhap Saraaap, I missed!

It was my first Manila flight ever, and the best flight so far! Its so nice to serve to my fellow Pinoys.. Plus, the crew was so nice and we had this Filipino buffet at the aft galley on the way back.

 …out of the blue,

Why do men cheat? or think about cheating?

— Because they can, and because they can get away with it.

I would like to tell this story about that guy that I wrote about on my previous entry, Few days before my Manila flight, it kind of like bugged me because dont have an idea  if he’s still with or whatever it is  thats going on with him and the mother of his kid. He popped out on fb chat and asked me whats the plan when I get there and said we should plan this now.. blah blah. Took the confidence to ask if the girl knows and if its ok, and things that came out of his mouth surprised me. Said “she doesnt know, and its human nature,(wtf) I have this huge crush on you, Ive known you eversince I moved here..(and other things na secret nlang)” and stuff. Its human nature, oh well. Told him “ok really? so you think thats ok? I think its not and Im a little ashamed that I will meet you up behind her back.” and he goes like “boooo, you ruined it.. come on its okay when I say its okay..“(wtf) I was thinking, this happened to me before. My ex boyfriend was meeting some other girl behind my back and it was ok because maybe he said “its okay” and it went on because that woman doesnt give a fcuk even if she knows that this guy is in a relationship. And I dont want to be this kind of girl that ruined my lets say ‘OK’ past relationship, its all behind me now, well im just So I let the day pass, spent time with my family, and during the night (was quite late) I was out with an  old friend for coffee, sent him a message and cant believe the bad news. His daughter was rushed into the hospital for some serious reason. See, God has a say. I ddnt want that to happen of course Im a parent too. But I guess even bad thoughts has its equivalent bad karma. Well I like the guy so much as well and weve been really great friends but things are different now.. Anyway, nothing against him or whatever, its just the thought in general, that if women will respect themselves more by not tolerating guys letting them be just the other woman.. what a wonderful world it would be.. in a MAJOR MAJOR way lol! Were all grown ups, so lets just act accordingly.

Day Out with Camilla

By the way, had a buffet dinner last nite at Shanghai Garden, by myself, nothing, dahil gutom lang Went to the beach with Cam earlier to relax too after a week of nonstop flying. Photos oh photos!

So yea, need to get ready for work, be back in the afternoon.. laughing

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