A little bit of Kuala Lumpur

Wow, 390th entry!smooch But anyway, Im quite sad, when I was on the layover, went to the crew lounge so I could check mails and stuff, then tried viewing my xanga, they ddnt have Mozilla so I opened it on Internet Explorer, I HATE IT! Its distorted! I hate IE! So yea just letting you guys know, my site is best viewed on Firefox, otherwise, it looks like crap..bitter

Well, good evening in Doha.. I got back this afternoon from KL. It wasnt a full “full” flight but I am so tired that I coudnt feel my feet anymore. I  operated the galley today.. I enjoyed it,  thanks to my wonderful senior who helped me out with every single detail, theres so much more to learn and I am so up for it!

Petronas Towers

Moving on, KL.. going there it was a night flight so when we got there I ddnt have much energy left but I tried ok! lol Went out with one fellow crew because I really wanted to see the Petronas Towers. I was watching National Geographic channel when I was in Nairobi, and they featured the towers on Mega Builders.. I dont know, but I am always fascinated by these sky scrapers, just like how I was wowed by Burj Khalif (Dubai), Auckland Tower and CN Tower (Toronto).. I hate heights but these things are amazing (galing ng gumawa, magaling sa math, lol), and thank God I got to see them! In addition to that, there was this Filipino movie called “Miss You Like Crazy” starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo which was shot in KL so, umm well, its just always been my game I guess, those places na npapanood ko in movies gusto kong puntahan.. lol Anyway, when I saw the Petronas Towers, I fell in love, it was evening so for me mas maganda.. It was so bright! and let me share some lines from the movie..

“Para silang magkaholding hands.. sinasabi nung isa, masaya ko pag kasama kita.” -Bea

“…Ako din.. Sabi nung isa.” -John Lloyd

….. at dahil jan I will share the trailer too! (Just because I can, who cares if its corny! I love corny! hehehe)

some more photos, though I dont know pano makukunan the whole view, well actually my friend doesnt. But pwede na rin!

si John Lloyd nlang ang kulang! lol


..went food tripping after (at KLCC)! It felt like home!!!

Well, thats it for now, I need to take a bath na for another flight later at 4am (LHR) . Minimum rest lang so, lets just do this! Might meet up with some not so old friends from Emirates in London btw!!! xx


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