Relaxed in Nairobi, Kenya

Im munching on milk chocolate Digestives.. this is the only sweet thing that I like, aside from McFlurry! I love pig out day! Anyway, been VERY busy flying (and running up and down the cabin like a headless chicken) and trying to learn everything in my new airline. Just got back from Nairobi the other day. It was a nice 22 degrees escape from the burning hot weather in the middle east right now. Thank You Lord!

When we were on the way to our hotel I saw giraffes running on the right side of the window, which was amazing. I only saw them before in zoos, and that was ages ago. Hotel was quite nice, stayed at InterContinental, Nairobi.

my hotel room, and hat. silly

At the hotel lobby, we asked our Kenyan cabin senior for a good place to have dinner. Guess where? A place called Carnivore. What did we had? Crocodile, zebra and so on. Never I imagined that I would be face to face with a crocodile, umm not on a plate maybe. lol But It was worth the try…

… that’s all for now, thank goodness I was able to taste a bit of Africa.. Im actually packing up now for a 3 day layover in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.. Another getaway!! I’ll blog again soon!!


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