Pinoy Movies and SEP Exams

Downloaded my fave tagalog movie yesterday.. Ang sarap talagang mainlove.. sa movies! lol Because of this, naalala ko na:
(From my 100 things to do this year list, )
4. Go on a trip on my own to have some serious “me” time
…. and fall in love in an island, bsta I remember na I posted an entry na ganon before e, I just cant remember kung alin and when.. hehe!Anyway, I would really recommend this movie to everyone.. A MUST SEE! lets all keep love alive in our hearts!

All My Life

— By the way, aced SEP exam the other day!! Thank You Lord! Major practicals coming up in few days so I will work hard not just to pass but to know everything by heart!

..was raiding the ovens last nite! hehe

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2 Responses to Pinoy Movies and SEP Exams

  1. korndogg27 says:

    what do u recommend? i dont mind filipino movies as long as they dont dance in the end. i feel very uncomfortable when i see that.

  2. angel_yzelle says:

    hahaha why nman?? but those were classic, katuwa! anyway watch this one All My Life starring Aga and Kristine, mejo cheesy lang ;))

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