Moving to a New Place

Another written test tomorrow on SEP on the A320 conversion, and some practical drills on evacuation, everythings great on training.. Been watching Glee by the way which is a great musical series.. and oh, True Blood season 3 is so on! and I watched Karate Kid last Thursday.

—- I cant believe its July already. Its been just a month but it feels like its a year. Had some sad moments the past week and, whew! Cant thank God enough that I’m feeling better now.. Thanks for the strength, and I guess I will be needing more in the future. I know moving to a new place can be fun, but two of the most stressful events that can happen a person is moving to a new place and getting a new job somewhere else which I did at the same time. Its just that adjustments along with all the responsibilities and pressure.. dont go well together . Anyway.. I believe that everythings going to be fine.. I have faith.

My firefigthing skills hehe, check it out!

—random! My friend Soomin tagged photos from last xmas in Seoul Korea..

I remember this was the 3rd flight  that Dino and I did together when we were seeing each other. Memories, momories!! — Thats it for this entry.. Happy Independence Day America btw!

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