QR Abinitio – 526

I was so busy this past 2 weeks, but thank God cabin service is done, one down. Today we started SEP (Safety and Emergency Procedures), received 2 more thick manuals that I have to carry throughout the training. Some work out eh!


Last day of Cabin Services, with our instructor Neil Finlay

some girl nite– in. lol happens every after class.. movies and some good take away, great combo!

bbq by the beach with my new Japanese flatmate Mari last weekend

Tere and me, I dont have an idea bat tuwang tuwa ako on this picture.. hehe

So yup, pretty much same same but different, haha.. Saw Tere this afternoon too sa cafeteria, and we missed each other so much na muntik na ko malate for class..lol shes coming over bukas to drop some of mt things off from our old apartment in Dubai, chika chika na to! lol  Anyway, its a day off tom and friends are planning to go out, but I think Im gna stay home, need some serious alone time, lol since my flatmate is in Johannesburg, akin ang bahay and maglulutu-lutuan kame ni Tere! and plus I have to study, of course..


I want to thank God for always helping me.. from a 4-star airline now to a 5-star airline! Wearing the uniform for the first time and looking at myself in the mirror was such a great feeling, hehe.. Share ko lang.. Thank You po ulit Lord sa blessings! To God be the glory!

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