A Whole New World, Hello Doha!

Hello blogidooooo!!! Welcome to Doha, Qatar! Been here for a couple of days already. I was crying in the aircraft when we departed Dubai, I even called Owen crying.. haha! I will miss Owen the most! When I got to my accommodation (my 3rd apartment!), I twisted my ankle and fell really bad, they had to rush me to the hospital, and was discharged the next day. I was happy that welfare took care of me. Luckily, I was able to attend nman the first day of class.. Thank God! Today (5th) was the second day of induction, and grooming day as well..


But lets rewind a little.. Before coming to Doha, friends threw me a send off party.

(for more photos, its in my Multiply account)

The following night, we went to Nasimi Beach in Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah for the  last Full Moon (Summer Closing) Party of the season. My last party too before leaving Dubai..


First Day off in Doha.. (12th June)

Went to Villaggio with my batchmates.. Thai food for lunch, then shopped for basics.. it was an awesome day and next weekend were planning to hit the beach and then chill ( well its actually hot cuz its summer so I dnt know how are we gonna ‘chill’ lol) the Souk, and just have a great time.


a really great mall in Doha..

Friday’s for dinner! Yes, we pigged out!

Was really busy this past week and probably for a couple of more weeks, but I’ll update! cool? hehe took me nearly a week to finish this entry..


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