Poster Girl.

..LOL just the most played song on my ipod at the moment (Poster Girl by the Backstreet Boys), I even updated my blog song!  Lei and me went to City Center the other day, we took photos sa Dubai Metro.. I just wanna share..

I love it because its very clean! (compared to London Underground, New York Subway, at sa Pinas, na once ko lang natry lol..I love trains!)

So rostering gave me a Seoul, Korea flight tonight, so yes its official, IT IS MY LAST FLIGHT WITH EMIRATES. Im flying to Doha on June 5th and training starts on the 7th.. My friends are throwing a going away party on the 3rd nman.. Wow I’m quite busy. I started packing up na actually.. Hay, so long Dubai. Its gonna be a new experience for me again!

Anyway, I’m having a bsb attack again.. so Ive been listening to their songs and watching concerts na nman..Cant wait to see the boys again, I hope in December, if ever. I’m gna share pla a video that I took during the concert 5 months ago, like I said, Ive been watching dvds of their concerts and seeing these girls screaming, I totally understand, dang! I know how it felt like!!


I Want It That Way – BSB Live in Dubai


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