EK005 Deadheading / Interesting Movies

A “dead head” is a crewmember who is assigned to fly as a passenger on a specific flight (not operating) so they can get to another city to work where they will pick up their assigned trip sequence.

I was really glad to be rostered for a London Heathrow, and in fact its a deadheading trip. Nice, nice nice! This is my second time to deadhead, first was during the inaugural flight of our A380 to Sydney and Auckland. I had an awesome time, I get to sit back, relax and enjoy the our award winning inflight entertainment also known as ICE (Information, Communication, Entertainment). Watched 3 great movies. and I want to quote a line from one of those movies..

“Some things can’t be fixed. Sometimes what feels old and familiar seems safe and safe is a trap you can get stuck there and never moving on, never letting yourself experience anything new.. the past is a great place to visit, but I don’t wanna live there…” -Lorie Maddison (7 Things To Do Before I’m 30)

— AND EVERY SINGLE WORD MADE SENSE TO ME. Okay, Im not going to make a review for this movie or whatever okay, but soon I’m going to live in another whole new world, and this is exactly what I want to do. I even wanna start now na..lol nkarelate lang ako. What felt old and so familiar for a long time seemed safe. But somehow for sure, I was not moving forward. I should have been more in control, but instead I allowed it come back over and over again. Parang sirang plaka, playing in my head. The past is really a great place to visit, but I don’t want to live there. Lately, I always have visitors here on xanga from Lombard Chicago, Illinois. Well, I do not know anyone from there aside from Michael, who was my first love. LOL So is it possible that he’s the one viewing or it can be the wife? hmm..(If its Mike, I wanna say hi, lol I know one day we will bump into each other, and if its Wilma nman, (his wife) umm I think we can be friends.. seriously! And as far as I know, Michael loves you that’s why he married you. (bakit ba napunta don, lol)

Moving on.. watched another movie after that one. The Rebound (Catherine Zeta-jones). Ah, this one I could totally relate, again. hehe! its about a single mom of two who went to the city, found love again, but the timing wasn’t right, so they drifted apart, time passed, they did what they had to do and in the end, yea they ended up together. And I just shared a summary of it.. hehe real brief! (watch the movie because it rocks!!!) So yups, it was about timing, I mean theres really a time for everything like the bible says. And again, thats what I wanna do. Just to the things that I want and have to do. To relax and enjoy and just live a happy life! And let God take care of the rest.. and in God’s time, everything will just fall right to where they should be. Living in the now wont hurt! I feel great.

Anyway, in London went out with the crew just for dinner and some drinks a The Pheasant. Great great times!!

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