God’s great reasons

Xanga was on maintenance again yesterday, couldnt post an entry. Inis! Anyway, want to thank Lord, everything is going well. Good vibes around!! Im moving to Doha in 2 weeks, and I know I’m gonna stick around for a long time.

Why am I moving to Doha? Asked the same question to myself a month back. Had a very long list of reasons at hand that I’d rather not disclose, all I can say is that I’m moving for the best reasons, and again I have God to thank for that.

But yes, I will always be an Emarati at heart hahaha! I love Dubai and I will always come back.. Dubai is a place where dreams come true.

Anyway, the other day me and my bestfriend Owen attended a get together with the Letran alumni here in Dubai, we all met up at Burjuman Center, after that went to Dubai mall to have dinner and after that ulit, lol.. went to Atlantis sa Nasimi Beach (voted number 1 in Dubai, naks!) for the Full Moon party, just to chill. GOODTIMES!

me and my bestfriend Owen at the MoFunk Full Moon party at Nasimi Beach in Atlantis

mamimiss ko ang bestfriend ko doon!


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