Nothing in this World Like Middle Eastern Sun

As of now, Im still suffering from body ache bcause of that surprise desert safari tour  and of course my poor feet from dancing the night away at Zinc (again) last nite. Me and my girlfriends all had a wonderful time, sa flat plang we took tons of kulitan photos na, then the famous desert safari ride, na nahilo kaming lahat.. Next was sand boarding! I noticed that I love board sports, from wakeboarding, double skiing, long board surfing and now sand boarding (I promise I will try snow boarding soon!). Then camel riding, kahit sooper naaawa ako sa camel, lol we fed them too, I met the pambansang ibon of the middle east, the falcon. Tried muslim traditional clothes, yes! Nag abaya ako and not only that, I tried the condura too, hehehe!! At ang pogi ko! Henna tattoo sa hands and feet is also a part of the tradition sa middle east (for the ladies, its an accessory), though hnd na kami nagpa henna because bawal sa duty.. We had buffet dinner plus the snack that we had earlier na included too sa tour package.. To end the day of course, belly dancing na part dn of course ng arabian culture. I will upload a video of that soon too.. Had a blast!! Thank You Lord!

with my beautiful ladies!

Desert Safari fun!

traditional clothes!


Got home from the Safari by 9pm-ish and then.. hmm, its MONDAY NIGHT!! Zinc night!! Lets do the locomotion ♪♫… Home by 3:30am. AMEN.


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