Last flight with Emirates, I guess.

My name badge, Nojoum star and Fifa badge..

Just got back from a turnaround flight. It’s 4:13am..Im so tired! Whew! I started the day very early, had an appointment with my cabin crew manager, then had a standby duty by 12pm. After signing up, went to the employee center pick up the end of service checklist.  I was looking around, waiting for my turn, when my eyes got stuck at counter 15 which says “End of Service”. I had mixed emotions. I turned to my left, the view was great. Dubai International Airport. While admiring it, I saw a 777 Qatar Airways aircraft, about to taxi in. I smiled and said to myself, “she’s beautiful”.

the famous A380 staircase, spot me!

Anyway, guess what? I was suppose to finish by 6pm and they pulled me out at 5pm.. hnd pa nkalusot! lol but I was glad to fly. I smiled more than how much they were paying me to do it..(lol I always smile sincerely to passengers though.) The crew was awesome. I had Carlos on the flight, one of the first,actually the first person that I became friends with even before joining.. lol So if they dont pull me out for anything else this month (my remaining days with Emirates), that was my last flight.

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1 Response to Last flight with Emirates, I guess.

  1. Dimple says:

    Are u switching to Qatar Airways?

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