Work out or what?

Well first of all I want to thank God for the countless blessings! I got my renewed passport already earlier sent it to Qatar Airways so they could issue me my entry visa to Doha. Meeting with my cabin crew manager on Sunday to formalize things. Thank You po ulit Lord!

Moving on, I’ve been going to the gym for 3 weeks straight already! *proud* My job is very demanding for my body so I need to live healthy. At may kinalaman sa gym na ito ang story ko.. lol well after a week of going to the gym, I met this guy. Well, technically maybe not cuz up to this day I still dont know his name..  haha! Ok. As in we go to the gym at the same time everyday.. One time after ko maggym, I went to the pool, swim ng konti, and he came and said “Did you opened the sauna? Cause its already hot..” well I said yea im gna use it afterwards.. Then my friends were on the way din to the pool, they told me na “si kuya wala lang masabi.. pero cute sya hahaha” so isip ko nman, “wag kang ganyan, lahat saken may ibig sabihin kagad, haha..” joke ko lang nman.. hehe..

Then I was rostered na standby 6-9am the next day, and then he was there too, standby din. Then he sat mejo malapit where I was sitting. “how much time you have left?” and i was like “an hour and a half..” at sya din daw.. tingin nang tingin.. e cute nman sya. bwahahaha then times up, uwian na! Then he said to me “are you from Mattar Plaza?” wow sounds familar ah, Khalil ikaw ba to.. LOL anyway I said yes, sabi nya youre the girl from the pool, sabi ko nman ah yea and youre the guy from the gym.. naks! may ganon! Then sa isip ko sayang sabay sana kame, but I have to pay my internet bill pa upstairs. Then wen he saw me coming back sabi nya “Oh, what happened?” so I told him.. Anyway, binagalan ko na as in para hnd na kame magkasabay sa bus, yuck feeling nman ako, haha!! To my surprise andun pa dn sya, edi sabay nman kame sa bus. At the lift nman, he looked at my name badge, and said “ah Yzelle..Im on standby at 4am tomorrow.” E dko nman tinatanong no. haha.. kainis sa first floor lang ako nakatira so ayan na bababa na ko.. I wasnt able to look at his bagde. Pero nakita ko he pressed 3, haha taga 3rd floor! LOL yuck at baklang bakla ako.. Checked my roster 1am standby ko the day after tomoz pa so, fail.

Sunday, went to church, first Sunday of the month.  On the way back, pagdaan ko sa may gym, which is the only way nman going to my flat saw him, papalabas.. nag hi lang 2days lumipas. wala sa gym.

Well kanina.. I went to the gym as usual, 3pm. after 20 mins he showed up.. ayun nodded lang to each other pareho kase kaming mga nka headphones, bakit ba nauso pa ang ipod bwahaha!! Anyway, smpre may mirror so nakkakakitaan nman kame, macho si kuya. hahaha! sa loob loob ko na nman “pa flex flex kpa jan.. lalo kang gumagwapo..” hahahaha Nsa treadmill ako so ok pawi pawis dn nman ang lola mo..para kaming tanga kase nagngingitian kame..

Finally ang lolo mo lumapit! ako nman treadmill to the max..

GUY: so hows everything, they ddnt pull out for anything?
ME: Yea, poor thing eh! How about you?
GUY: I just got back, and guess from where.. Manila!
ME: you bastard! how was it, im so jealous!
GUY: well it was awesome, Manila is always awesome, nice food shopping at Greenbelt, and good clubbing too..
ME: of course its awesome!

We talked talked and talked.. about work, and both pf us being on reserve this month.. Im done na, and I think he was halfway through plang.. So I had to go na and just told him Ill see him around.. Sa usapan he mentioned he was from Serbia btw. Can you believe, he’s TALL, DARK AND HANDSOME… bakit ang life nkakakilig! LOL Kaso hnd ko natanong name.. anu ba yan. EPIC FAIL! So cguro I might see him again sa gym bukas.

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