Bangkok Dangerous

Sawadee ka! Hola I’m in Bangkok! Well unfortunately we all know whats been going on here for like 2 months already I guess. During the briefing earlier, our sfss were stressing about safety so we were advised not to go to the city. Right now were staying at an airport hotel (instead of Holiday Inn Silom, right in the heart of the city). This hotel is great btw!

We received a letter as well right after disembarking the aircraft saying:

29 April, 2010

Dear Crews,

For your information Thailand’s Prime Minister has declared a State of Emergency in Bangkok amid escalating anti-government protests… The crews are reminded to stay at the Novotel Suvarnabhumi hotel during your stay in order to avoid unexpected situations to happen..

So I called room service straight away, hehehe… well Ive also got tons of new movies here on my laptop. TV is good here anyway.. Tomorrow, Im planning to go to the gym and maybe swim din. Me and my Egyptian friend Bassint were planning to go to this shopping center nearby too. Its safe, hehe!

… More on that, magkkwento lang ako about this morning. I was waiting for the crew bus down at the building lobby, so I dragged my suitcase na near the parking area, Khalil saw me, he called me, waved at me with this big smile on his face.. Of course, I smiled at him nman. I was like “okay. Im not interested anymore..” LOL His face was so inviting, well we could save the friendship at least maybe. We were really great friends. So yun share ko lang. At uy!, Visitors from Vietnam and Chicago!

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