Sydney-Auckland for the Nth time

Guess what?? They put me on RESERVE next month!!! UNBELIEVABLE! Anyway, I had a really really great trip, as always.. Great crew! First day, we went to Darling Harbour, where I havent been for such a long time, ferry ride to Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, chillaxed under the trees and ended the day with the mouth-watering Korean Cuisine.. uh-oh, photos photos photos!!!!!!

Flew to Auckland the next morning and again had a great time.. went downtown to have lunch/dinner took photos, and later the nite, went to a pub nearby with the captain, first officer and 6 crew.. great and fun night!

Next, day flew back to Sydney, for a long weekend and yes! its a Saturday night! smells like party!! Had dinner and then went to Marble Bar for some drinks and dancing!!!!!! Went with most of the crew, captain Ali and F/O John was with us again, along with Adrian, Adam, Mariana, Tamara, Tanya, Sam, Susan, Lachlan.. ang dami! lol

snap from my phone, with Tamara & Mariana

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