Thank You everyday Lord! :)

Yehey, yehey!! hehehehe…. Anyway, success nman un first Jeddah turnaround ko so what can I say.. I mean its a piece of cake, I think masyado lang nag exaggerate un mga tao like its a shitty flight whatsoever, but no. There was just some shocking moment para saken dahil nga sa passenger profile but everything went well.. I wanted to share some photos lang din btw, harhar!

Flew with my fave Senior Capt. John Selwood, and the latest big bird of the family, EDH. The 6000th Airbus aircraft.

Last night after nman my flight, wasnt able to sleep kagad, so un I was reading nman post when I fell inlove with Ryan.. I was like, “ano popost ko na nman dn ba? hehe” anyway hnd nman, when I think of Ryan, I remember good memories.. so yea wala nman something something but I really fell inlove with that guy ah.. Lahat ng shortcomings ko kay Michael before, I said not gna happen with this person, naks! pero un nga, If its not meant to be, hindi lang talaga..

Lord thanks kanina.. Then tomorrow, another busy day for me.. Guide me po!

Share ko lang the picture of La Mari Jenny, the Emirates Barbie na cabin crew! so cute!!

her first layover in Paris! visit her on Facebook!


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