Meeting a Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter

I was really planning to go to bed already, but then I could not stop myself from surfing around my xanga (as usual).. Anyway, as I mentioned earlier theres this happiness around me today haha.. and kilig na rin and I dont really know where its coming from aside from God.. 🙂

Well here it goes.. I found in one of my posts, un mga wildest dreams ko like meeting someone on a summer holiday  cuz I love beaches and then fall in love.. and to fantasize about someone famous and then meet him and again… fall in love.. LOL Anyway it was from my entry HAPPY ME (click link to view post).. just gna quote some parts of that entry:

* FIND SOMEONE FAMOUS.. AND WORK IT.. GO AND GET YOUR DREAM GUY! hehehehe… well, just think of it, I believe that fairy tales do exist, who knows right I might marry Nick Carter Why Nick? well I remember him lang  cuz of the know I loved Nick since 3rd grade..haha. ok I’m crazy thats one wild Who knows one day he’ll be flying Emirates 1st class.. well well well… hahaha. Im going to bed. this is too much. heehe

Nick Carter and well.. its me lol

Anyway, and then after moving to Dubai, the boys had a concert here had a front standing ticket and the catch? I WAS ABLE TO ATTEND THE SOUND CHECK AND HOUR BEFORE THE CONCERT.

Met the boys, hugged them, kissed them.. and I went crazy, I was stunned when they were in front of my face and took me 2 seconds before I could react.. haha!!

Well now i promise Im going to bed now.. bwahahaha!!! flying tomorrow..

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